Comprehensive Dental Exam in Williamsburg


     Maintaining good oral health is about more than simply correcting painful issues as they arise. Early detection and prevention is essential in promoting healthy teeth. At iSmile Dental, we are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive dental exams patients will find anywhere. Our thorough dental exams are designed to analyze the health of your entire mouth, including the teeth, gums, soft tissues and the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Each of these considerations is essential in ensuring long-term oral health and is considered the current Standard of Care with the American Dental Association.



     A full set of digital X-rays is one of the first and most important tools in monitoring the health of your mouth. We utilize state-of-the-art digital technology for all dental X-rays. These computer-aided X-rays provide images of unmatched quality, making it easier to identify and diagnose oral health concerns. Combined with an oral cancer screening, digital dental X-rays can identify any issues in the supporting structures in the mouth. Furthermore, digital X-rays expose patients 80-90% less radiation than traditional X-rays, making them a much safer option.


     The health of your gums is every bit as important as the health of your teeth. That is why all of our dental exams include a thorough periodontal exam as well as charting. Periodontal charting consists of measuring the depth of gum pockets, the areas that form between teeth. Pocket depths are a distinctive indicator of gum health and are essential in monitoring for issues such as gingivitis.


    The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint that hinges the lower jaw to the skull. As many patients know, this joint is prone to causing pain due to several different factors. At your dental exam, the doctor can discuss any TMJ symptoms you may have and determine what treatment is best to relieve your discomfort. Similarly, a comprehensive bite analysis can determine if your teeth need adjusting in order to create a more comfortable bite and prevent unnecessary tooth wear.


     Perhaps the most important aspect of your dental exam is the inspection of each tooth for both present and potential issues. These may include minor chips or cracks that you may not even be aware of but have the potential to cause pain. Our office also uses laser cavity detection to analyze the health of your enamel and determine if any of your teeth are at risk for developing cavities. By identifying cavities early, the teeth can be repaired before they start causing pain and keep much more of their original structure intact.

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