Invisalign…Why more and more adults are opting in.

Posted : 09/05/2017

Orthodontics used to be kids’ stuff. Whether you’ve had braces or not, just about everyone associates the awkwardness of adolescence with a mouth full of metal. And while months or years of brackets and bands may have seemed bad enough as a kid or teenager, the possibility of that situation as an adult was probably unthinkable. Remember when Miranda from Sex and the City tried braces? Yeah, it didn’t go over so well.

Thankfully, there’s now another way. You may have heard of Invisalign, but have written it off as just another tool for fixing school-age smiles. Not so. At iSmile, we believe a beautiful, healthy bite is a must at any age, and it’s never too late to get the smile you deserve.

The importance of an attractive smile doesn’t diminish as you age. In fact, in many ways, it becomes even more necessary. As you move through life, climbing the professional ladder and encountering different social situations, a healthy, attractive smile matters. It can boost your confidence and send important signals to those around you; in fact, research has shown that people with straight teeth are perceived as smarter, more successful, and more attractive!

But getting that perfect smile no longer requires the time and, let’s face it – embarrassment – it used to. Patients are typically done with Invisalign in just 12 months, and the custom-made aligners are comfortable, convenient, and above all, virtually invisible. No metal brackets, no wires, no tightening.

Living with Invisalign is so easy, you might forget you’re in the process of improving your smile and your life on a daily basis. There are no food restrictions to worry about, and you’ll only need to come in for an appointment twice a month – that means you won’t have to miss meetings, school pickups, or rearrange your busy schedule.

If you’ve always wanted to improve your smile, but the pain of traditional braces has prevented you from taking action, it’s time to get to know Invisalign. Ready for a consultation? Call our office today to get started.

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